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Icatch.co.za is a specialised private investigation agency who focuses on catching cheating spouses.

Cape Town's Top Cheating Spouse Private Investigators

At iCatch we are determined to help you find the truth. With a total of 32 years of experience in investigations, your case is in excellent hands. You may be suspecting that your husband or wife is cheating on you, and we are here to help you find the proof you need. We have a stellar track record with covertly following your partner and getting photographic evidence. We focus on your needs with complete confidentiality, and to help us help you, the first consultation is completely free with no obligations.

Sometimes it is just a gut feeling you may have, maybe late-night texts, working late suddenly, or spotting a name or a message which rouses suspicion. We would like to ease the minds of our clients about their partner - whether they are being unfaithful or not. We are there all the way to guide and advise you.

This being the delicate situation it is, we work diligently and with the utmost care for our clients. We update you on any activity with photographic evidence where possible. Communication is front and center with us. You should never feel out of the loop or uninformed on the progression of your case.

Hire a private investigator in cape town.

Surveillance is our speciality. When evidence is required, we are your eyes and ears.

Surveillance is the greatest part of our work, and we take great pride in our accumulated hours of surveillance. We observe behaviours of persons and their activities from day-to-day. Surveillance requires unbroken attention and focus, which means this is not a job cut out for just anyone.

We go the extra mile to ensure we have undetected eyes and ears where you need them. Whether it takes all day or all night, we will be there at all hours, any day of the week to gather evidence. We do mobile and stationary surveillance: following on foot or in a vehicle or watching from one vantage point.

We specialise in physical observation and technical observation. Physical observation can involve blending into surroundings, stakeouts, and/or multiple investigators on cases with more complexity. Technical surveillance includes digital photography and video/audio recordings done by the investigator. All evidence gathered is compiled in a report for your convenience at the conclusion of the investigation.

Female Private Investigators & Detectives

When choosing a Private Investigator there are a number of factors to consider such as the investigator’s experience, ability, training, association membership, and client testimonials.

Female investigators possess a distinct advantage in the field, being not many people expect a woman to be conducting covert investigations.

For some people, they may feel that speaking to a female investigator is something they would feel more comfortable with. When instructing us on your case and explaining your situation, you will be discussing incredibly sensitive and private information. And for some discussing this information with a woman may make them feel more at ease, resulting in a better-orchestrated investigation.

With female investigators being mostly fictional characters and genuine ones few and far between, we are proud to have a female investigator on our team to deliver clients greater peace of mind.

Discreet Infidelity Investigation Services in Cape Town

We stand by our motto “Nec Plura Arcana”, which means “No More Secrets.” We work with constant persistence and effort in all our cases. We do a systematic search of the truth with integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

The discreet presence of a private investigator gives you an eyewitness account of events.

Private Investigators in Cape Town specialising in catching cheating spouses

We cover the complete Cape Town area and if you are unsure of your area, feel free to phone or email us.

At iCatch we hope to provide a service of benefit to our clients. No person should have to live with doubts or suspicions. Contact us to lay those fears to rest or to provide you with the proof you need to make a decision.

It is best to not try and undertake an investigation yourself. This could be a dangerous endeavor if not done with care and could inflict irreparable harm to your relationship with your spouse. Allow trained professionals to handle your case. There is no substitute for experience.

What are the approximate costs of a Cheating Partner investigation?

This is a question all potential clients have. How much will a private investigator cost me? And there is no clear-cut answer. We decided, however, to give you a ballpark of what it might cost based on a median of our previous investigations.

An investigation into your cheating partner may tally around R 7000. This is not a minimum or a predetermined amount. Each case is unique and involves numerous variables.

Our Private Investigators Offer Discreet & Specialist Surveillance Services In Cape Town

We provide flexible surveillance services to achieve your investigation’s requirements. Our private investigators are happy to conduct their investigations for both long and short-term periods depending on the evidence you require.

Whether it be for corporate or private issues, iCatch can provide mobile observation operatives to accommodate your needs, after discussing your case with you so that we can gain an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve.

Surveillance is an integral part of an investigation and offers you insight into the daily movements of your partner, known and unknown locations they may be visiting, and who they are meeting with.

We also have both male and female operatives should the investigation call for a member of either sex.

Employee Background Check & Investigation by iCatch in Cape Town

Sometimes finding the time and the resources to properly vet someone you are hiring can present a challenge. Finding trustworthy, reliable employees is always a difficulty, especially in more sensitive vocations.

The employee screening makes for informed hiring decisions, resulting in a higher-quality workforce. This is the foundation of any successful business.

We make use of a variety of resources to double-check an employee’s ID, name, work history, and more, which is presented to you in a report.

We can help you in a missing person case and are available immediately without waiting times.

With a background in the police force, we recognize the urgency when someone is first suspected or reported missing. Cases like these take precedence in our work schedule but by no means do we neglect any of our cases. We have a highly skilled team that is familiar with all our cases.

We jump in immediately when contacted, using the latest technology where applicable and old-school detective footwork. The sooner we can get on a case such as this, the quicker we can pick up a trail, every second counts.

Can Private Investigators use GPS tracking devices in South Africa?

GPS tracking is a massively valuable tool for private investigative work. GPS tracking is safe, efficient, cost-effective, and helps us at iCatch to stay discreet. The information gathered from a GPS tracker can be the concrete evidence that we require for you to prove someone is where they say they are or to prove a spouse is cheating or concealing something when they are not.

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

We offer a friendly professional and most importantly a discreet, private investigation service both on a local and a national scale across South Africa as well as abroad if required.

We are able to offer private detective services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and feel that it is important that you are able to speak with us in person whenever you call and not resort to leaving messages on answer phones.

In your initial private investigation enquiry we will not ask you for any personal details and will endeavour to give you an indication as to whether any of our services are right for you. It is then up to you whether you wish to meet one of our local private detectives at a neutral location of your choice where we can take more detailed information about the investigation and explain how we can help and the costs involved.

An initial consultation with us implies no commitment to proceed and our discretion is assured.

Undercover Investigation

An undercover investigation by iCatch is critical for thoroughly and effectively resolving difficult-to-investigate situations such as theft, substance abuse, or other forms of serious employee misconduct.

  1. Why: Undercover workplace investigations are employee-interactive. This method develops first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees. If necessary, our operatives can testify in court.
  2. When: Your situation may merit an undercover investigation when your company suspects that a potential or serious problem exists within the workforce. An undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving rumours, and exposing the guilty parties.
  3. Who: Within the company, only top level management, directors of security or human resources personnel should have any knowledge of the use of undercover operatives or of the investigative findings.
  4. Where: The undercover investigator should be placed in a position that allows mobility and access to suspected employees. Multiple investigators may be required to investigate various shifts and departments.
  5. What: A multi-faceted effort. We maintain daily, two-way communication with our operatives to continually share and assess new information and to strategize our efforts. The undercover operative will detail all his/her findings in a daily report submitted after each shift worked. Close supervision contributes to the successful outcome of the assignment.

Our operatives gather pertinent evidence of gross policy violations by engaging in hand-to-hand buys of stolen company property, illicit drugs, or trade secrets. When appropriate, the undercover workplace investigation is augmented by the proper and lawful use of covert surveillance, sting operations, and when necessary, with assistance from local law enforcement.

iCatch uses a proven and effective process for all workplace investigations: Investigative Strategy, Tactical Planning, Evidence and Information Gathering, Interviews and Corroboration of Intelligence, Submission of Final Report for Corrective Action, Screening, Training and Prevention

We have experience in successfully investigating misconduct and criminal activity for employers in practically every industry, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics, computer technology, newspaper, transportation, agriculture, steel products, forestry products, food manufacturing/processing, law firms, municipalities, non-profit assisted living organizations and all facets of manufacturing and warehouse distribution.

Our other private investigative services

iCatch offers more than infidelity investigations. Our main priority is always honesty and mutual confidence to provide the best service for your individual needs. Contact us for any of these services:

  • In-Depth Background Checks
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Relocating, Neighbourhood Checks
  • Countersurveillance
  • Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Voice Monitoring
  • Tenant Background Checks
  • Covert Camera Installations
  • Personal Computer Digital Forensics In Cape Town