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GPS Car Tracking & Surveillance

Our Operatives At iCatch Are Cape Town Based GPS Car Tracking Specialists

Our experienced operatives won’t require access to the inside of the vehicle, we merely need to know the make, model, registration, and where the vehicle will be parked overnight, or for an hour or two at a time. Entrust the rest to us.

Our vehicle tracking services can be used to track any vehicle in South Africa. If you require a discreet, reliable, and professional GPS vehicle tracking service, iCatch has many years of experience in this type of investigation, being one of the 1st South African investigation agencies to adopt these methods.

  • We collaborate with our clients to clearly define the objective.
  • An investigative plan is established, taking into account the timeline and budget.
  • We execute the plan, employing skilled tradecraft.
  • We deliver the results in a court-admissible report.

Is GPS vehicle tracking legal in South Africa?

GPS trackers are not illegal; however, it can be used under illegal circumstances. Clients need to verify the legality of fitting the GPS tracker themselves.

How will the GPS tracker be installed?

This depends on the car and the requirements of the job, but most of the time, the GPS tracker will be installed underneath the vehicle using a very powerful industrial magnet. It only takes a moment for the tracker to be fit, and you will start receiving reports of the vehicle's movements immediately.

How our GPS vehicle trackers work

Our GPS trackers are a three-layer system consisting of the vehicle terminal (tracker), a transmission network (LTE/3G Cellular Network), and a monitoring center (Server and Client Software).

The host (GPS tracker) determines the location of the target through the Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS), and uploads the data through the mobile communication network (LTE/3G) and the internet. The server subsequently receives the positioning data and stores it; client software then accesses this data and renders a map with vehicle positioning information transposed on top of it.

Buy a GPS tracker in Cape Town

We supply a range of robust GPS trackers from personal use all the way to industrial monitoring and fleet management, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • We offer Wired devices / Fleet Management, the installation costs R650 and the monitoring and report service is a low monthly payment of R80.
  • We also provide Mobile & Magnetic GPS Trackers with a cost starting from R1 600 to R3 000 depending on battery size and the required feature set.
  • We additionally offer the option to rent GPS trackers from us. The price is negotiable depending on your needs regarding the required features and battery size of the GPS tracking device.

Our GPS tracking platform and app is packed with features such as; Live tracking, historical route playback, several advance reports, unlimited geo-fence zones, speed alerts, stop alerts, movement alerts, and much more.

All our monitoring services for the GPS trackers are on a month to month basis. There are no long-term contracts or minimum lock-ins.

Feel free to discuss your GPS tracking requirements with us, there might be a fit that we did not cover on the website.

Discreet Infidelity Investigation Services in Cape Town

We stand by our motto “Nec Plura Arcana”, which means “No More Secrets.” We work with constant persistence and effort in all our cases. We do a systematic search of the truth with integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

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